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Chris Evans

Vice President of Construction

Chris' earliest memory in construction is of that his father pulling him around in a red wagon, viewing all the new homes being built in their subdivision.  Born in Alberta Canada, his family later moved to Oakville on the shores of Lake Ontario.  His parents owned a high-end home furnishings and interior design business for 25 years.  


Chris' first construction job was at the age of 14.  His father secured him a position on a framing crew, they handed him a lunch box and pushed him out the door at 5:00 am.  The work crew stopped along their way to pick him up; and Chris soon learned a quick transition to working life in the construction industry!


Chris studied civil engineering prior to coming to the US; after school he was about to join a large engineering firm for a dam project located in British Columbia.  Now at the age of 25, he first realized his passion was with more tangible, unique and challenging projects than to be simply one of few on a larger project.

After a move to South Florida, he found a position to fulfilled that desire and was able to work on one-off, unique and challenging projects.  During this time he worked for Disney World Orlando, Universal Studios Japan, projects in Mexico, Europe, and across the US.  In 2007,  he took a position in technology, a home automation company and spent the next 8 years Managing smart home technology while overseeing the implementation of all A/V, lighting, automated shades, Wi-fi networks, cellular amplification systems, and alarm/security.

Chris joined IHD's team in January of 2015, where in collaboration with Farrell Building Company they built 8 custom waterfront homes that sold for more than $100 million.  

Chris believes… ”Life experiences are an invaluable measure of one’s journey!” 

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